Factory Floor Waste is your Greatest Marketing Tool.

Make Factory Floor Waste Work For Your Company.

Every day companies throw away tons of re-usable quality materials. We at Dross Evolution are focused on using these materials in exciting, innovative and creative ways. We achieve this by designing and creating Wall Art, Sculptures, Wearable Art Pieces, Textile Art, Jewelry etc.

Dross Evolution is about providing sustainable artwork for your company, created by our team of Accomplished and Recognised Artists and Designers using your company's factory floor/office waste. (See Blow for Examples) Artwork that will represent your  brand, and interest in being sustainable. We also design and create campaigns to encourage your staff to separate waste in canteens and offices. We achieve this  by creating Sculptures, and Wall Art, and Installations that are uniquely designed for your company, using your Factory/ Office  or Canteen waste materials. We also provide Team Building Workshops. See Below.

Art Work can be used to * Lower Waste Disposal Costs * Promote a Company's Brand and Interest in being Sustainable * Encourage Staff to Seperate Waste *Corporate Gifts

You can use the art created as a permanent exhibition in your  company building to act as a visual statement to the viewer of your company's values and ethos and commitment to being environmentally aware.  If you would like more information, submit your details here and I will send you more information. 

Team Building Workshops

Dross Evolution also provides RE-ME Team Building Workshops. RE-ME Workshops are about encouraging staff to think outside the box when it comes to waste materials and can be used to help team members to bond more, have fun and communicate more effectively.  Workshops include demonstrations in Material Manipulation using a wide range of techniques and processes. Team members will then be given the opportunity to create anything they wish from the factory floor waste using the skills they have learned.

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