Corporate Sponsorship

Are you looking for an Unique and interesting way to fulfill your

Corporate, Social, Responsibility?

If so then we have the solution

We are a Social Enterprise and we provide Art Clubs for children using Quality Recycled, Factory Floor Waste Materials from a variety of companies. You can choose to sponsor 10 to 720 classes which can be given to your staff for their children or you can choose to donate the classes to children whose parents have difficult financial circumstances, or you can do a mixture of both.

If you choose the 720 classes then you will receive an Unique (1mtr square Artwork for your company building created from your factory floor waste materials FREE of charge.

If you would like more information please Call Martina on 0851519626 or send us an email here

As a Sponsor you will be mentioned on our website as well as on the club vouchers. You will also be entitled to 1 on site promotional event which will showcase the children's art work and promote your participation and interest in being sustainable.

We run 15 clubs per week 48 weeks of the year. Each club can accommodate 15 children and vouchers can be used to book any of our clubs.

15 Club Vouchers €120 (1Week)

60 Club Vouchers €480 (4 Weeks)

120 Club Vouchers €900 (8 weeks)

360 Club Vouchers €2500 (24 Weeks)

720 Club Vouchers €4680 (inc Free 1 mtr sq Artwork) (48 weeks)

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