Imagination Station at Dross Evolution is a Social Enterprise that is devoted to providing a fully equipped artistic environment, for Children and Young People to utilize in a creative manner. We are small but we have big ideas and we are passionate about bringing recycling awareness to our community through the medium of art.

 What We Do 

Drop in Creative Activity Sessions,  Drop In Art Clubs, Arty Parties in Centre or in your own home or venue, Workshops, Portfolio Mentoring, Recycling Workshops for Schools and Colleges and Youth Groups.

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-The Eco Design Gallery, We Don't Scrap It... We Evolutionize It...

Every day factories all over Ireland throw away tons of re-usable quality factory floor surplus otherwise known as “Dunnage” This Dunnage consists of off cuts, scraps of fabric left over from cutting out patterns, materials and products that have not passed the quality tests, materials that are surplus to requirement, end of rolls, products that have been cut wrong or have errors, etc. The list is endless and for the most part this dunnage ends up in landfill . We at dross Evolution are passionate about keeping these materials out of landfill by using them to create a huge variety of quality Art and Design products by our group of Nationally and Internationally recognized Irish artists, Emerging Artists, Local Craft Makers. We also use these materials to teach children through Art the value in recycling. We provide low cost or Free "Wombles" Art Clubs, where children can explore a huge variety of materials and make lots of Amazing Art and Crafts.

We are also very concerned about the amount of plastic that is entering our oceans and we want to show the world the beauty that can be created from waste. We hope to encourage industry to have a mission for its usable waste materials and we want to make this waste available to all forms of Artists and Designers and to make ethical decisions about where their waste ends up.

We also offer Taste from Waste Recycling workshops to schools and colleges to inform and create awareness to this issue. Adults and Children can come and learn what can be done with Dunnage and can also create art and design products from the huge variety of materials that we have been given from companies. We also provide materials and mentoring for students who are involved in the Junk Couture Awards, Mini Company or who are working on their Art Portfolio for College Entrance.

If you would like to support Dross Evolution in its work you can contribute on our funding page located here. Every donation no matter how small will be extremely valuable in helping us to achieve our goal of bringing Art and Recycling Awareness to everyone in our community.

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